The Logo of KEIFU

The logo of KEIFU evolved from the infinity symbol.

The graphic design integrates the concepts of a fork and a spoon. This symbolizes the business’s main items of operation as centering around food and dining. In addition, this logo also indicates an expectation of developing into a company that boasts infinite creativity and can provide a wide variety of products and services.

The oval-shaped logo is intended to convey a feeling of stability, bringing customers a sense of trustworthiness and safety. The red color represents fervor in service and a joyous atmosphere, which we hope will give customers a sense of enthusiasm, vitality and joy.

Brief Introduction to KEIFU

KEIFU was established in 2000 as KEISHIN Foods and was renamed to KEIFU.
We started the business with one boss and one worker in a small three-story building of 26 pings and today occupy an operations headquarter of 1,600 pings. We have always made reliability a part of our success.

KEIFU started out as a traditional food ingredient business. Brand names under its flag include the two brands of TEAPLUS chain stores and LUCKY LINE FOOD INGREDIENT OUTLETS. These products are deeply rooted in expertise in their fields and the advantage of being brands which traveled the road of development together and expand their business territory.

Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd. Headquarters

“Quality and Integrity” have been our highest guiding principles both internally and externally.

KEIFU’s founder Mrs. Li Yue-Ying is full of insistence and great expectation for the future.
From simple retail mode to today’s integrated sales service, from regional operations to the company’s present globalization strategy, KEIFU has persisted in upholding an unyielding spirit in the face of challenges in making its way to a completely new business system.

Innovating History

Kai Shin Foods established.
Merger with “Kai shyong Foods Co., Ltd.” (established in
Launched exporting food ingredients to foreign markets.
Merger with Teaplus.
Teaplus Food & Beverage Service Co., Ltd. Established.
Number of Teaplus retailers in Taiwan reached 100.
Corporate identity system reconfigured and headquarters officially renamed as “Kei Fu Foods Co., Ltd.
New operation headquarter building built, headquarters officially relocated.
Construction on KEIFU QA facility completed and professional quality assurance personnel placed
in order to improve food product sanitation standards for the company.
KEIFU retail operations expanded. Food ingredients outlet “Lucky Line” established.